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About Natare

Natare Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment, services and systems for commercial and public swimming pools, aquatic recreation, and water features around the world.

We offer a comprehensive selection of swimming pool and aquatic equipment, construction systems and accessories, which are part of state of the art facilities worldwide.



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Operate > Operate your facility correctly, safely and economically.

Renovate > A "like-new" facility at a fraction of the cost.


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Natare Expands GPM Grating Production

In response to a growing demand for Natare Corporation's revolutionary GPM pool grating, Natare has made significant investment in machinery to double their production capabilities. GPM grating has replaced traditional PVC grating used in Natare's swimming pool products, such as moving blulkheads, pool gutters, and starting blocks. Introduced to the market just a few years ago, Natare has seen exponential growth in demand for this virtually-indestructible product.

Product Profile

MicroFlo® Vacuum Sand Filtration

MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filter

Go green! Your pool or waterpark can have crystal clear, clean water while saving money, using less electricity and conserving water.

Natare's advanced air-assisted backwash system allows you to clean the filter media with significantly less water. In addition, these simple-to-use vacuum sand filters need less frequent backwashing, saving you more time and electricity. Compare our system to any other commercial water filtration, and see just how much money you can save.

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