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Equipment & Systems

Grating | Safe, durable, cost-effective grating for pool renovation or new construction

Virtually indestructible grating

Natare grating and grating systems are sturdy and cost effective for new construction or renovation in changing rooms, athletic facilities, industrial applications and most importantly, perimeter drainage in and around swimming pools, water features and aquatic facilities.

Natare grating is available in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Polymer (GPM)
  • PVC


Natare GPM Grating

GPM grating is custom fabricated from a marine-grade polymer and is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest aquatic conditions. It will not rot, discolor or delaminate. Even repeated blows from a heavy hammer will not break GPM grating.

A low-maintenance finish eliminates repair and refinishing due to weathering and deterioration and is easy to clean. GPM grating has a slip-resistant matte finish on both sides to hide scuffs and scratches.

Features and benefits that make Natare GPM grating the right choice:

  • Environmentally stabilized for harsh sun and tough aquatic environments. Totally safe and non-toxic. Natare GPM grating and surfacing is made entirely from FDA and USDA-approved materials. No reaction with pool chemicals.
  • Will not crack, flake, separate, rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to aggressive water conditions.
  • Precise tolerances ensure consistent color, thickness and density.
  • Available in eight standard colors and custom colors. Durable matte-textured surface on both sides.
  • Colorfast and easy to clean. Never needs refinishing
  • Permanent slip-resistant surface.

Natare GPM Grating vs Plasitic Grating.

The video to the right shows the extreme durablity of our GPM grating.

PVC Grating for Swimming pools, Water Features and Aquatic Facilities.

Natare’s PVC grating is the toughest and most durable PVC grating system available. Constructed from a high impact, exterior grade PVC, Natare grating resists chipping and cracking and is inert with virtually all swimming pool chemicals.

Additionally, Natare PVC grating resists the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet radiation and will not fade.

Available in “T” or “I” shaped bars with standard opening between grating ranging from 15 to 33 percent. Adding to the strength and rigidity of the grating panels are reinforced PVC composite tie rods set perpendicular to the grating bars every 12". For added safety and convenience, all grating is produced with a bi-directional ASTM certified slip-resistant surface. Tamper-proof grating hold downs are constructed from non-corrosive materials and are accessible only with a special tool.

PVC grating is available in standard and custom dimensions to suit any individual requirement. White is the standard color, but custom colors and color combinations are available.

Stainless Steel Grating

Ideal for new construction or renovation, Natare's stainless steel grates are formulated for use in particularly harsh swimming pool and aquatic environments. The rigid construction of the stainless steel grate makes it strong while allowing generous open areas. The grate will not crack or yellow.

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