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Underwater Windows | An invaluable tool for underwater photography, aquaculture and competition

Underwater Viewing Windows

Natare underwater windows provide a clear view into the swimming or diving pool below the water’s surface. These unique observation windows are an invaluable aid for underwater photography, education or the ultimate view of competition swimming. These strong rectangular windows are suitable for installation in any concrete or stainless steel pool. The window installs flush with the interior pool wall so no projections or sharp edges interfere with equipment or competition.

Natare has the expertise to design and install underwater viewing windows to fulfill the needs of any type of aquatic facility.

The ability to observe what is going on beneath the water’s surface has gained popularity in recent years. Whereas once, underwater windows were an expensive and complicated component found only in the most exclusive facilities, swim instructors and coaches now frequently use underwater windows to help critique strokes, advise on diving techniques and even craft choreography for synchronized swimming.

Zoos and animal habitats such as fish hatcheries also use underwater windows to observe aquatic wildlife from the safety of an adjacent room. They are cost-effective, durable and easy to install.

Window Construction

Constructed from a special grade of extra low carbon 304 or 316 stainless steel, the window system consists of a frame with integral anchoring tabs that provide rigid attachment to the wall structure. The window glazing system consists of a three-ply tempered glass laminate or a thick acrylic/polycarbonate material secured by a stainless steel retaining flange. A polymeric sealant ensures a completely watertight installation. All windows are shipped fully assembled, sealed and ready for field installation.

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