11 Pools You Need to Jump in Before You Die…Except #5 Which is Terrifying

June 23, 2016 | Categories: Blog

1.) Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

This rooftop infinity pool isn’t for those who suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), but it does offer stunning views of Singapore’s skyline. At a whopping 57 floors high, this engineering masterpiece is known as being the highest swimming pool in the world.


2.) Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali

Suspended high above the spectacular rain forest of Bali and resting in the center of the magical island of Gods, Ubud’s split- level infinity pool is argued to be one of the most photographed pools in the world.


3.) Valassaru Resort in The Maldives

Set inside a lagoon, the infinity pool offers a full glorious sea view with a wall that opens out onto an over-water terrace.


4.) San Alfonso Del Mar in Algarrobo, Chili

As the largest pool in the world, this beauty is bigger than 20 Olympic sized swimming pools and holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s deepest pool (115 ft.).


5.) Library Pool in Koh Samui, Thailand

“The Red Pool”: Selected as one of the world’s most remarkable hotel pools by both TripAdvisor and CNN, with its mosaic tiles of orange, yellow and deep red, this pool presents an alluring display of brilliant color and sophisticated style. It is a must see… even if it is a little creepy.


6.) Giola Lagoon in the Greek Islands

Carved into the coast of Thassos, Giola is a natural pool approximately 20 meters long and over 15 meters wide. It is enclosed by rock walls that rise up to 8 meters high, creating convenient platforms where visitors can jump and dive into the water. The water’s temperature, due to being separated from the ocean, maintains a pleasantly warm temperature.


7.) Gold Energy Pool in Tabet

This bejeweled beauty is the only swimming pool on the entire planet that’s tiled with real 24 karat glittering gold. At a constant temperature of 28-32°C, this oasis also offers outstanding views of the resort’s lake and the Himalaya Palace.


8.) Golden Nugget Casino Pool in Las Vegas

This pool features a 200,000-gallon shark tank that allows guests to swim up-close and personal with several different species of sharks and wild fish. During the summer, guests can even ride down a three-story water slide through the shark tank.


9.) The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort Pool in Grindavik, Iceland

Virally known as a wonder of the world, the Blue Lagoon is said to be a cure to various skin problems due to its geothermal water being packed with minerals, silica, and algae. The lagoon is actually milky white (the sun makes it look blue) and maintains an astounding 98-104 °F year-round!

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10.) LeCrans Hotel & Spa Pool in Crans Montana, Switzerland

Stripping down to your swimsuit may not be the most appealing idea when staying high up in the Alps, but thankfully, this luxury pool is well heated! Surrounded by views of a stunning landscape, this hotel pool is a must-visit if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding.


11.) Chongwe River House Pool in Zambia, Africa

If going on an African Safari is on your bucket list, this is how you do it in style. Neither grand nor particularly dazzling by itself, this pool directly overlooks the Chongwe River where elephants and other animals pass by to take their daily drink.


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