Pool Renovation 101: 4 Major Things to Consider

October 23, 2016 | Categories: Blog, Pool Equipment & Systems

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Maximize your budget by making the most effective and cost-efficient updates to your pool facility.

We know the cost for construction of a brand new aquatic facility has greatly increased in recent years. Facility owners, managers and operators are balancing budget constraints while trying to keep their facilities up-to-date.

The solution is renovating existing facilities, rather than opting for lower quality new construction. We provide cost effective, low maintenance solutions for these particular needs.

Below you will find four things every pool facility manager/operator should consider when planning a pool facility renovation project:


1. What kind of updates are the most critical?

First consider any safety hazards or pool safety regulations with which you must comply. In addition to the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) compliant grates and covers, Natare also offers a variety of safety and handicap-accessible hand rails and stair rails.

Next, do you have any leaks or cracks in your foundation? A Natatec® PVC membrane pool lining is the easiest and most cost-effective way to renovate an aging pool system without having to build an entirely new pool foundation.

Natatec provides a means to renovate pools in the worst condition. The pool lining membrane spans cracks, joints and other defects with its tough, flexible blanket.


2. Which updates will save you the most money in the long run?

Water- and energy-saving filtration systems pay for themselves in just a few short years. Installing a more efficient mechanical system now is an investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.

A Natare MicroFlo® pool filter system can reduce your water consumption by up to 80%. Through carefully designed hydraulics and “air boost” backwash,  thousands of cubic meters of water are no longer lost during each backwash cycle.


3. What kind of updates will save you on labor, maintenance and cleaning costs?

Natatec pool linings and GPM grating are two of the best ways to save on labor and cleaning costs for your facility.

The smooth, non-porous surface of our Natatec membrane helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, and makes pool cleaning easy and inexpensive. With our pool lining system, harsh acid washing and other chemicals are not necessary to clean your pool.

A low-maintenance finish eliminates repair and refinishing due to weathering and deterioration and is easy to clean. GPM grating has a slip-resistant matte finish on both sides to hide scuffs and scratches. It is colorfast, easy to clean and never needs refinishing.

GPM grating is custom fabricated from a marine-grade polymer and is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest aquatic conditions. It will not rot, discolor or delaminate.


4. What about your pool decks and locker rooms? 

Maybe you have a locker room, play area or pool deck that has been repeatedly patched, painted, or is cracking and falling apart? NataDek™ and SoftDek™ floor covering systems are ideal for renovation. They create a durable watertight barrier for any swimming pool environment, and easily install over most pool surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

The SoftDek flooring is ideal for water features and water play equipment, providing a soft, shock absorbent padding that stands up to repeated use and provides additional safety to pool goers.


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