A Green Swimming Pool, with no Chlorine, in Minnesota

July 29, 2014 | Categories: Natare Projects, Pool Equipment & Systems

99% of all swimming pools, including those made by Natare, are either white or a shade of blue. But the pool being build in Webber Park, in Minneapolis, MN is going to be green.

This “natural pool” will feature non-chlorinated water that utilizes a “bio-filter.” The green pool lining is Natare’s own Natatec® PVC membrane, which comes in a variety of colors, but no pool project of ours has ever called for this much green PVC.

This project will accommodate up to 500 swimmers at a time in half of a million gallons of water. It features a 13 foot deep diving area, lap swimming and a huge wading area.

Water from the swimming area will enter into a storage tank, then be pumped through a fabric filter, before entering the “regeneration basin.” This area will remove unwanted nutrients from the water with a variety of plant mater and helpful microorganisms. The water will circulate twice each day, and the swimming area will be as clean as any natural lake.

This Minneapolis Park Board claims this is “the first naturally cleansed public swimming pool in the nation.”

green swimming pool filtergreen pvc pool
green swimming pool liner

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