Mountaintop Stainless Steel Pool in New Zealand

October 10, 2015 | Categories: Natare Projects, Pool Equipment & Systems, Stainless Steel Pools

When a former Olympic swimmer wants a mountaintop lap pool, we give him a mountaintop lap pool.

When a noted New Zealand business leader and former Olympic swimmer decided to add a pool to his home high in the Crown Range on the South Island of New Zealand, he looked to Natare Pools for a custom lap pool. Mark Weldon competed for New Zealand in the 1992 Summer Olympic games. He has since risen to prominence as the head of the New Zealand Stock Exchange, as well as his successful ventures in the wine industry.

Natare might not create many residential pools, but when we do, it always seems to have a spectacular setting. This two-lane lap pool, high up in the mountains of New Zealand, commands a breathtaking view of the rural countryside.

Natare manufactured these stainless steel wall sections in Indianapolis, IN then shipped them to New Zealand for a quick installation. The pool was then installed by CPC International, which is the pool construction subsidiary of Apollo Projects (the well-known New Zealand construction group).


Check out some behind the scenes photos!

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stainless steel lap pool in mountains


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