AlkorPlan Lining Makes Pools Perfect

June 2, 2011 | Categories: New Products, Pool Equipment & Systems

Qualified builders enjoy new opportunities installing AlkorPlan lining.

The AlkorPlan system makes pools perfect – it offers the best solution for the renovation and restoration of residential and light commercial pools, spas and water features. Its unique durability and reinforced construction provide watertight security and long-term protection, regardless of the pool’s original construction, age or condition. An AlkorPlan PVC membrane is a tremendous upgrade from a traditional liner, and it is the only one with a true 10-year warranty.

PVC pool lining technology is a proven system with more than 20 years of successful installations in the toughest commercial and public pool environments throughout North America – just imagine how well it will perform in residential and smaller commercial pools.

AlkorPlan helps create additional revenue opportunities for builders and contractors, while providing customers with the perfect pool finish. AlkorPlan is not a product for every builder; but qualified companies in exclusive territories will find this unique system to be profitable while offering great customer satisfaction.

For more information, contact Scott Calwell, Natare’s Director of PVC Membrane Sales at 800 336-8828 or email

See our page about AlkorPlan under Equipment and Systems for more information.

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