Project Details:

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Scope: Competition and Counter-swim
Counter-swim Pool Floor: Natare Solid Polymer
Competition Pool Floor: Natatec® PVC Liner
Filtration System: Vacuum Sand Filter (120ft.)

Natare provided a combination of aquatics equipment for this project, including a new competition pool, a stand-alone counter-swim pool and an unrivaled vacuum sand filtration system.

When Hamilton, New Zealand’s Club Cardio (now Fastlane Fitness) looked to upgrade the aquatic offerings at their facility, they looked to Natare and our partner CPC International (now Natare NZ).

Project Overview

stainless steel standalone therapy pool

As with all of Natare’s international clients, coordination, communication and the ability to deliver a superior product were at the forefront of this project.

As locally owned facility, Fastlane Fitness values the quality and diversity of their clientele and the services they offer. Natare was an obvious choice to provide a new, professional combination of aquatics equipment, including a new competition pool, a stand-alone counter-swim pool and an unrivaled vacuum sand filtration system.

In addition to a fully-unitized pool wall and gutter systems for the competition pool, Natare provided a fully-assembled, ready for plumbing counter-swim pool and a ready-to-install vacuum sand filtration system.  Working with our long-time partners in New Zealand, Natare was able to deliver the project efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

Project Challenges

The primary challenge was how to create a pool with the proper width that was both structurally sound and fit in a standard shipping container.

The counter-swim pool, a unique design, sits slightly nestled into the deck adjacent to the competition pool. The narrow wall profiles and requisite equipment presented both layout and structural design challenges.

By encasing the floor structure and the joints with the wall structure in concrete (done on-site), Natare was able to stabilize the shape of the pool, while maintaining a side wall thickness of only four inches. Only by drastically reducing the width of the wall structure was the entire assembly able to fit in the shipping container and arrive on site, ready to be placed and plumbed.

stainless steel lap pool



Scope of Work

Natare completed a 25m x 25m competition pool and a counter-swim pool, complete with a perimeter re-circulation system and MicroFlo™ vacuum sand filter. 

Natare provided a single 11.1m2 (120ft) vacuum sand filtration system, along with Natare control systems and automatic water level controller. Situated in a room adjacent to the competition pool, the filter saves on both space and water. This particular filter was customized to serve both the competition pool and counter-swim pool, eliminating the need for a second filtration system.

In addition to this equipment, Natare provided fully-welded recessed steps (integral to the wall assemblies) custom grab rails, starting platforms, stanchions, anchors and our machined solid GPM polymer grating.


vacuum sand filtration system

The installation of a Natare “All Welded System” (AWS), including a stainless steel wall and perimeter recirculation system provide unrivaled performance and longevity to this pool. Each side wall received roll-out gutter with integral deck drain, while each end wall received a fully-recessed gutter with stand-alone deck drain, providing a versatile indoor pool, functional for competition, training and recreational purposes. The floor of the pool received Natare’s Natatec reinforced PVC membrane system and Natare’s fully-welded stainless steel sumps with VGB compliant polymer grates. Natare also provided our integral automatic surge control weirs, which allow for the elimination of surge tanks, saving space and money.

The counter-swim pool included a combination of systems, unique to any Natare project, including a high-velocity counter-swim jet system at one end, Natare stainless steel gutter on the opposite end and skimming weirs installed on both sides of the pool, providing additional circulation tied to the gutter. The floor of the pool is comprised of Natare’s solid polymer panels, fully inlayed with lane markings. All of these components were pulled together in a stainless steel shell with carbon steel structure.

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