Natare’s Pool Equipment Systems

Natare has long been recognized as a world leader in the swimming pool, aquatics and water features industry.

We design, manufacture and supply high-quality equipment and systems for new construction or renovation of commercial, institutional and public aquatic facilities and water features.

Throughout the years, we have developed the most complete selection of specialty equipment and systems available.

pool equipment

pool starting block

Pool Accessory Equipment

Natare manufactures a wide range of high-quality swimming pool and spa equipment for safety, maintenance and mechanical use, including handicap and accessibility railings, deck handrails and stair rails, exercise bars and more.


whirlpool spa

Whirlpools, Hydrotherapy and Spas

Natare stainless steel whirlpools and spas are ideal for health spas, hotels, athletic training, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. They are low-maintenance, durable and hygienic.

Whirlpools & Spas

swimming pool bulkhead


A bulkhead system divides a pool into separate areas, allowing it to accommodate multiple activities at once. Natare’s fixed and movable bulkheads are safe, secure and certified for all levels of competition.

Pool Bulkheads

commercial pool filtration system


Natare’s high-capacity stainless steel vacuum sand and pressure filters are durable, energy-efficient and custom-designed to suit the needs of any facility. They are custom-designed and pre-engineered for easy field installation.


pool grating


Natare’s stainless steel, PVC and GPM grating systems are ideal for decking, pool surrounds, overflow systems and other pool and spa environments. It is virtually indestructible and highly resistant to UV rays and harsh pool chemicals.


PVC pool flooring


Colorful and watertight, NataDek PVC flooring is ideal for decks, locker rooms and other wet areas surrounding pools and spas. It is lightly cushioned, slip-resistant and easy to install over nearly any surface including wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and steel.


PVC containment lining

Natatec® Containment Linings

Natare provides equipment and systems for a variety of water features including decorative fountains and water gardens, environment and industrial water containment systems and agricultural water systems like irrigation channels and fire ponds.

Natatec Containment Linings

PVC pool membrane

Natatec® Pool Linings

Natatec PVC membrane pool lining systems provide a colorful, watertight seal for the new construction or renovation of virtually any type of swimming pool. It is durable, cost-effective and the only pool lining system with a true 10-year warranty.

Natatec Pool Lining Systems

perimeter gutter system

Perimeter Pool Gutters

Natare stainless steel swimming pool gutters provide water supply and return within a single, self-contained perimeter gutter profile. Combined gutter and plumbing functions eliminate the need for buried supply piping.


underwater windows for pool

Underwater Windows

Natare underwater observation windows are an invaluable aid for underwater photography, education or the ultimate view of competition. These strong, watertight and shatter-resistant rectangular windows are suitable for installation in any concrete or stainless steel pool or aquatic facility.

Underwater Windows

pool sparger system for diving

Spargers (Bubblers)

Air safety cushions for springboard and platform diving provide instant mounds of highly aerated water in the diver’s entry area to help prevent injuries and aid training. Air safety cushion systems can be installed for permanent or removable use, either during new construction or in existing pools.


VGB compliant drain cover

VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker)

Improper swimming pool main drains can cause serious injury or even death. Natare offers the equipment and the expertise on Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, including certified VGB compliant drain covers, grates and sumps.

VGB Safety Equipment

water park

Water Features, Wave Pools, Wet Playgrounds

Natare offers complete design solutions for aquatic recreation and a wide range of products that address the particular needs of these unique facilities.

Water Features & Wave Pools


Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

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What We Can Do For You

Natare offers a wide range of consulting services with comprehensive assistance for construction, renovation and facility operation. Our years of involvement allow us to offer a unique perspective on equipment design, installation and performance.

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