Features & Benefits

  • Easily moved to new positions
  • ASTM certified slip-resistant grating
  • X-Ray structural certification
  • Cost effective
  • One-piece self-supporting structure
  • Complete flow-through wave absorption
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Moving Bulkhead Systems

Natare bulkheads are rigid, stable and comply with all current FINA, USA Swimming and NCAA requirements.

Natare bulkheads are precisely engineered structures, designed to provide varying course lengths to accommodate fluctuating activities in any size pool or facility.

Features of a Custom Natare Bulkhead:

  • Wave-quelling, flow-through openings at the water’s surface.
  • Will not wear, yellow or delaminate; No re-coating or painting is necessary.
  • Slip-resistant lane targets.
  • Recessed hand holds, rope-hooks and anchors reduce the danger of injury to swimmers.
  • The carriage assembly provides support and allows access to the locking mechanisms, movement controls and buoyancy flotation system.
  • Stainless steel truss sections and stainless steel profiles cover all bulkhead edges.


Transform One Pool into Many

Easily moved, our bulkheads can be repositioned to accommodate both imperial and metric competition courses, or used to host two aquatic events simultaneously.

Natare bulkheads are precisely engineered structures, designed to provide varying course lengths and accommodate varying program activities in any size pool facility. Whether it’s meters or yards, water polo or water aerobics, or simply dividing a diving well into recreational swimming area, a moving bulkhead makes the most of any aquatic facility.

Natare bulkheads can be installed as a fixed wall to permanently divide a pool, or it can be configured for horizontal movement along the length of the pool. Our bulkheads can even move vertically for storage in a pool bottom recess or for seasonal removal from the pool.




Bulkhead Strength

The superior strength and rigidity of the bulkhead comes from its all-stainless steel dyadic truss frame. Buoyancy chambers reduce the effective weight in water and a box-truss construction minimizes horizontal and vertical deflection, making Natare bulkheads capable of supporting more than 100 pounds per square foot.

The top and sides of the bulkhead are covered with an ASTM certified slip-resistant PVC grating that dissipates wave rebound for competitive swimming, maintains proper water circulation and provides a safe and secure walking and turning surface.


Technologically Advanced Design

Natare bulkheads are designed to fulfill the requirements of world-class swimming facilities.

Riverside Bulkhead (1)

One Piece Self-Supporting Stainless Steel Construction minimizes horizontal and vertical deflection without added bracing.

Complete Flow-Through for Wave Absorption prevents waves from rebounding and interfering with competition swimming.

Easily Moved to New Positions to transition pools from yards to meters or to divide pools into different activity areas.

ASTM Certified Slip-Resistant Grating is used on the bulkhead’s top and side surfaces to provide a safe and secure walking and turning surface.

X-Ray Structural Certification to guarantee strength and quality of welds.

Cost Effective, eliminates the need for additional pools, and provide new flexibility to existing facilities.

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