Features & Benefits

  • Permanent slip-resistant surface
  • Colorfast and easy to clean
  • Environmentally stabilized
  • Totally safe and non-toxic
  • FDA and USDA-approved materials
  • No reaction with pool chemicals
  • Holds up to aggressive water conditions
  • Consistent color, thickness and density
  • Never needs refinishing
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Natare GPM Grating

Safe, durable, cost-effective grating for pool renovation or new construction. Natare GPM grating and grating systems are a long-lasting solution for changing rooms, athletic facilities, industrial applications and most importantly, perimeter drainage in and around swimming pools, water features and aquatic facilities.

Our GPM grating is available in standard and custom dimensions to suit any individual requirement. White is the standard color, and custom colors and color combinations are available.

Natare pool grating is available in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Polymer (GPM)

GPM grating around pool steps

Built to Last

GPM grating is custom fabricated from a marine-grade polymer and is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest aquatic conditions. It will not rot, discolor or delaminate. Even repeated blows from a heavy hammer will not break GPM grating.

Natare grating resists chipping and cracking and remains unchanged when presented with harsh pool chemicals. Additionally, Natare swimming pool grating resists the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet radiation and will not fade.

A low-maintenance finish eliminates repair and refinishing due to weathering and deterioration and is easy to clean. GPM grating has a slip-resistant matte finish on both sides to hide scuffs and scratches.

This video shows the extreme durability of our GPM grating.


Typical Grating Applications

Main Drain and Outlet Covers
Pool Bench Seats
Deck Access Hatches
Deck Storage Boxes
Movable Floor Surface
Gutter Grating
Access Ramps
Hydraulic Diffusion Grates
Deck Drain Covers

Backwash Pit Covers
Pump Pit Covers
Bench Seat Covers
Spray Down Area Floor
Lane Line Storage Cover
Trough and Trench Covers
Lifeguard Tower Platform
Filter Covers
Radius Drains

In-Pool Partition Walls
Shower Room Flooring
Entry Grating
Skimmer Face Plates
Safety Covers
Access Gates

Advantages of a Natare Pool Grating System

Safety Certified
All Natare pool grating has a permanent, bi-directional slip-resistant surface that exceeds the ASTM coefficient of friction standards. Our grating does not use coatings or grit, which can wear-off and catch dirt. Natare grating is safe and comfortable, even for bare feet.

All Natare grating is impact reinforced, and resistant to UV rays. It also resists frost and damage from freezing, even in the harshest climates. Our grating is “hammer-tough” and will not crack, shatter or split in normal applications.

Customizable Colors
The color is permanent, not a paint or coating. Natare grating is available in white and custom colors. Black PVC overlays are available for racing lane targets, special course markings and other applications.

pool grating colors

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