Features & Benefits

  • Custom-fit and tailored on-site to ensure an attractive, watertight pool surface
  • Fast, efficient construction, suitable for all climates and weather extremes
  • Resists algae, mold and mildew
  • Long-lasting and durable annual maintenance becomes a thing of the past
  • Saves on water, chemicals and heat
Natatec Resources

Natatec® Containment Lining Systems

Natatec containment linings are designed for containment in environmental, industrial, agricultural and specialty waterproofing systems.

Manufactured from specially formulated PVC and reinforced with a high strength polyester mesh core, Natatec is available in a variety of single-ply and reinforced thicknesses.

Easily Maintained. Completely Watertight.

Natatec containment linings are compliant with ASTM, ANSI, military and regulatory standards and international requirements and provide the peace of mind of knowing that fluids cannot and will not leak out (or leak in!).

natatec PVC containment lining for water feature

Water Features

Enhance property values, quality of life and aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property, projects and planned developments with the installation of watertight ponds, lakes, water features or recreational aquascapes.

Our linings are custom designed, fitted and bonded on-site to provide an efficient, economical, easily maintained, totally watertight, virtually indestructible containment system.

pvc lining system for water fountain

hazardous materials containment liner

A Perfect Liner for the Perfect Job

Prevent contamination, erosion and loss of soil substance in landscaping and agricultural applications by installing watertight irrigation channel linings, irrigation storage, fire ponds and stream linings.

Industrial Applications

Natatec containment linings help keep the environment safe and protected when used to waterproof hazardous materials storage, secondary containment, tank linings, sub-grade linings, floor coverings and petroleum fluids.

Concrete vaults, pits, sump and storage tanks are easily and efficiently made waterproof and chemically resistant for process water, fluids and liquids.

Natatec Containment Lining Information Resources

Download more information to aid in the planning, design and purchasing of your containment liner.

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