Features & Benefits

  • Efficiently removes surface debris and keeps pool water clean
  • Provides water supply and return within a single, self-contained perimeter gutter profile
  • No additional piping or plumbing is required for water circulation
  • Automatic surge control weirs eliminate the need for a costly external surge tank
  • Slip-resistant surfacing
  • 100% watertight guaranteed
  • Custom designed to fit your needs
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Perimeter Gutter Systems

Natare perimeter pool gutter recirculation systems are pre-engineered, self-contained overflow gutters constructed from stainless steel.

Manufactured to be smooth and perfectly level around the pool perimeter, our proven state-of-the-art designs combine gutter and plumbing functions necessary for a clean and well-circulated pool.

With a built-in trough, pressurized filtered water return and inlets, no additional piping or plumbing is required for water circulation.

Unlike conventional pool gutters, long-lasting stainless steel eliminates the need for constant tile or concrete maintenance.

stainless steel perimeter pool gutters


Stainless Steel Pool Gutter Systems

stainless steel pool gutter

Stainless steel pool gutter systems reduce future repair costs by preventing leaking as a result of broken or buried pipes, ground movement and settling.

Natare offers its V-Series™, Basic Open™, Two-Tier™, PosiFlo™, and MultiFlo™ perimeter systems in three profile configurations.

Natare takes the guesswork out of pool construction, providing a gutter that will serve your facility’s needs for years to come. Whether you require swimming pool gutters for competition, instruction, recreation or a special environment, Natare provides both design and fabrication.

A Guaranteed Cleaner Pool

The water’s surface is where over 80 percent of a pool’s dirt, oils and suspended material collect.

Natare’s stainless steel perimeter systems allow optimal surface skimming which cannot be achieved with traditional skimmers or conventional swimming pool gutters.

Efficient, continuous surface skimming removes surface debris and keeps pool water clean.

Perimeter pool recirculaton system gutters

Perimeter Pool Gutter
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Natare’s Perimeter Pool Gutter Recirculation Systems

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