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  • Safe, comfortable, waterproof flooring
  • Strong, durable polyester mesh lining and waterproofing system
  • WaveFlo perimeter systems designed to accommodate highly turbulent water
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Water Playgrounds and Spraygrounds

Wave pools, wet playgrounds, splash pads and similar water features require a great deal of creativity, flexibility and innovation.

Natare offers complete design solutions for aquatic recreation and a wide range of products that address the particular needs of these unique facilities.


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Experienced Professionals

Natare has been involved in nearly every type of swimming pool construction and water feature project imaginable– from covering an entire mountain (amusement park attraction) in PVC lining, to building an indoor water park wave pool on the 12th floor of a resort, Natare has pretty much done it all.

Specialty Equipment for Waterparks

Natare provides all of the specialty components and equipment for a complete wave pool, waterpark or water playground attraction:


NataDek Flooring & Pool Deck Surfacing

Safe, comfortable, waterproof flooring in a variety of colors, suitable for any aquatic environment.


Natatec Swimming Pool Lining

Strong, durable PVC lining and waterproofing system for construction or renovation projects.


Wave Pools & Waterpark Perimeter Systems

WaveFlo perimeter systems are designed to accommodate highly turbulent water conditions.


Water Features & Wet Playground Information Resources

Download more information to aid in the planning, design, and purchasing of your water feature, wave pool or wet playground.

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