Ervin Park from Start to Finish

August 30, 2013 | Categories: Natare Projects, Pool Equipment & Systems

Last year, we did a renovation of two pools at Ervin Park in Tuscola, Ill. While this is a pretty standard renovation project for us, it is a great representation of the wide array of improvements we can make for a pool facility.

The pools at Ervin park had an aging concrete gutter and lining system. The existing gutter system was saw-cut and removed.

In the children’s pool, the old lining was removed. The concrete coping beneath the liner was also replaced.

In the large pool, the old gutter system and lining was removed and the pool’s deep-end saw cut for installation of new Natare main drains and PVC piping.

New main drains were installed in the children’s pool, surge tank and piping.

We installed new PVC piping for supply and return.

Surge tank and supply piping for the children’s pool.

Pressure-testing the supply and return converter boxes.

We installed new Natare stainless steel gutters.

Natare installed Natatec® PVC membrane lining in both pools, including lane lines and racing targets in the lap pool.

Many pool facility operators are now doing spring cleaning and making plans for summer renovations in order to have their pools ready for the fall competition season. What are your plans and how can we help?

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