Natare Stainless Steel Pools

Natare stainless steel pools have a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes for any installation. Supported by a corrosion resistant structural reinforcement system, Natare pools are suitable for virtually any environment or pool construction that is needed.


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Features and benefits of a Natare pool system

  • Ideal for recreational swimming, hydrotherapy, and water sports
  • Perfectly suited for competition, training or recreational swimming. Certified by current USA Swimming, FINA, NCAA, YMCA and NAHSA standards
  • Suitable for above ground, excavated or elevated construction
  • No buried supply pipes
  • Available in stainless steel bench and ladder sections
  • Green – 100% recyclable stainless steel
  • Robust stainless steel construction, previously designed to eliminate on-site construction variations or design changes
  • In accordance with state, municipal, and local building codes
  • Equipped with optional filtration and treatment systems
  • Available with integrated spa or hydrotherapy areas
  • Wide range of interior lining options
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • Fully welded construction, permanently leak proof

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Every Natare pool starts with stainless steel

Solid, cost-effective, and easily erected in almost any climate, Natare stainless steel pools provide exceptional durability and functionality while offering affordable construction solutions.

Natare Pools use special grades of stainless steel that provide excellent performance in any pool environment and do not depend on dirty glues and glues to make the pool leak proof.

Natare’s exclusive Natatec® PVC coating offers a colorful finish and can also act as a pool waterproofing system.
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We offer options …

A Natare pool gives you something you won’t find anywhere else … options.

If you are renovating an old concrete pool and just need a colorful coating system to make it leak proof, or if you need a new aquatic facility built from scratch, we offer a pool for you. The interior of a Natare pool can be stainless steel, PVC applied on site or have the exclusive vita of ceramic tiles or natural stone. [/ One_half]

A full range of interior lining options is available regardless of your Natare pool style – and the bottom can be stainless steel, traditional concrete, tile, or plaster. We offer many styles to meet your project and budget requirements. We offer fast and efficient construction suitable for all climates and extreme weather events and ideal for new construction or pool renovation. [/ One_half_last]

What will your Natare pool look like?

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There is no competition for a Natare pool

Over the years, we have seen in the construction of swimming pools systems that come and go, concrete, shotcrete, galvanized steel, fiberglass and molded polyethylene. We have learned from experience that nothing has the durability, strength and versatility of stainless steel.

The robust and unitary wall system of a swimming pool integrated into a self-supporting structural support system called «buttress», allows the pool to be stable either empty or full. The entire system is individually and structurally designed with more advanced computer systems and modeling tools. This technology provides a complete 3-D dimensional model long before manufacturing. Natare supplies complete and detailed drawings for each pool we produce. The buttresses of Natare systems are designed for quick on-site installation.

Natare manufactures many of the largest pool components in advance at our facility located in Indianapolis. The pool is then shipped in large units, ready for quick and easy installation in a few days.
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Explore the Natare Pools


Public and Recreational Pools

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Competition and Training Pools

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Pools for Fitness and Hydrotherapy

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Pools for Hotels and Resorts

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