The Natare File Transfer Center is a fast and easy way to send files, a set of plans, electronic documents, or even just a picture of a great pool. Below you will find two options, to quickly and easily send us a file click the "Upload" button below. Otherwise, you can take full advantage of our site by becoming a "Registered User". See below for more information.

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To upload a file, all you need to do is...
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Why do we need your e-mail address?

When downloading or sending us files, it is sometimes helpful to know who is accessing our servers. In the rare chance of a problem, or if we need to follow up on something you uploaded, we know how to contact you.

Your privacy:

We are like you... we also hesitate to give out our email address in fear that our inbox will be immediately filled with unwanted advertisements, newsletters etc. Well, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing your e-mail is safe and we will not share it with any 3rd party companies. Oh, and you will only receive content for which you signed up.

Become a Registered User

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  • Easily send files to Natare
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  • View/Download editable files, such as Word documents, CAD details and other special content.
  • Send and receive documents to custom folders specific to you and your project.
To upload a file, all you need to do is...
  1. Click: Register
  2. Fill out the Online Registration form
  3. Watch your inbox for the confirmation email
  4. Enter login information from the confirmation email on and begin using the File Transfer Center and Resource Center

What We Can Do For You

Natare offers a wide range of consulting services with comprehensive assistance for construction, renovation and facility operation. Our years of involvement allow us to offer a unique perspective on equipment design, installation and performance.

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