Marriott Marquis Featuring a Texas Lazy River Near Completion

January 6, 2016 | Categories: Natare Projects

The Marriott Marquis Texas-shaped lazy river is definitely something you won’t find anywhere else (mostly because that just wouldn’t make any sense).

It’s been a long time coming, but we can now say that the final touches are being added to what some people are calling an “iconic pool design”.

When we took on this project, we knew that we would be faced with many design challenges, but here at Natare, these are the kind of projects that keep us excited about coming into work. Our goal is to break the mold as much as we can and provide unique high-quality pools that make a statement and bring in revenue for our clients.

And that is exactly what we did, we broke the mold with the first ever hotel rooftop lazy river (in a shape that takes real experts to design and construct, might we add).

“The owners wanted something different. They wanted something that made a difference in a big city — something that no one else had,” said Jay Marsella, director of marketing for Marriott Marquis.


The Marriott Marquis is quickly becoming the talk of the town and many people are patiently waiting to book a room at the hotel, which is set to open to the public in April. 

It’s well-established that Texans love Texas, and tend to mold, bend, draw, paint and plaster the shape of the state wherever it’ll fit, as The New York Times’ Houston bureau chief recently recounted.


The Marriott Marquis is easily the largest hotel opening ahead of the Super Bowl, the Houston Chronicle reports, and will serve as headquarters for the NFL and the media teams coming into town.

The hotel features 1,000 guest rooms, an infinity pool along with a lazy river, a 5,000 sq/ft spa, a 5,000 sq/ft fitness center, 100,000 sq/ft of meeting rooms with two ballrooms, an open air pavilion and multiple places within the hotel to grab a drink or a bite to eat.


Building custom stainless steel pools is our specialty, big and small. If you are looking into renovating your facility’s current pool or building an entirely new pool, contact us! We have years of experience in these types of projects and will be happy to answer your toughest project questions!

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