Master Pools Guild Tours Natare’s HQ

October 12, 2013 | Categories: Events, Natare Corporation News

October 2013 saw a fun and memorable event in Natare’s history as a vendor for the Master Pools Guild. When the MPG’s Annual Fall Meeting was held at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, we hosted tours of our Indianapolis headquarters and manufacturing facilities for the MPG members. We were delighted to welcome many pool builders with whom we’ve done business in the past, as well as representatives from companies who we hope to work with in the future.

Dozens of representatives from great pool companies around the globe attended these events. On the right side of the photo below is our NataClad PVC-laminated stainless steel pool wall display:
NataClad pool wall display

Like a mini-tradeshow, they went from station to station in our shop and discovered our processes for transforming stainless steel, PVC, marine-grade polymer, and other materials into finished systems for aquatic facilities. Here is our GPM grating display:
GPM Grating Display

In the photo below, the MPG is learning the ins and outs of our MicroFlo® Vacuum Sand Filters. Our CEO explained the details of how we achieve high flow rates, minimal water waste and were still able to filter the tiniest particles from pool water…down to 5 microns, or even lower with optional cryptosporidium removal. We turned one of these mysterious black boxes on it’s side (left), so people could peer inside.
Vacuum Sand Filter demonstration

A discussion on stainless steel gutters and perimeter recirculation systems:
perimeter recirculation system discussion

We made souvenir plaques with personalized stands from our stainless steel and GPM grating, featuring the MPG logo:
plaques made from GPM grating and stainless steel

Master Pools Guild is a network of custom residential and commercial pool builders. Their creative pool designs are always on the cutting edge of aquatic technology, and have been since the group was founded in 1962. Having the MPG here in Indianapolis to experience exactly how customizable and varied Natare’s products can be, will surely inspire pool designs in years to come.

If you are a pool builder, interested in learning more about concepts of commercial pool construction, contact us for your own personalized tour of our manufacturing plant.

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