More Uses for PVC Lining

March 30, 2011 | Categories: New Products, Pool Equipment & Systems

You probably already know that we supply a special brand of reinforced polyester-mesh lining for swimming pools, but you might not know that Natare’s Natatec® PVC lining can also be used for a variety of other water containment systems.

Lining and containment systems are a critical element in planned developments. They can increase property values and even quality of life, but in many cases, the soil on a project site is not suitable to hold water. In other areas, environmental regulations are enacted to prevent contamination, erosion and soil subsidence.

Natare offers standard and custom lining solutions using the technology we’ve developed for swimming pools and applying it to decorative, environmental, industrial and agricultural water containment systems.

Natatec PVC lining can accommodate a wide range of landscaping needs including decorative and display water features, ponds, water gardens, waterfalls and water fountains.

Our heavy duty lining systems are approved for environmental and industrial containment systems such as wastewater and raw water storage, and even oil- and petroleum-based liquid storage.

Natare also provides lining for agricultural water systems such as irrigation channels, irrigation water storage and fire ponds, stream linings and systems for fisheries and aquaculture.

Field installation services are a key part of your total solution from Natare. Trained field personnel can quickly and efficiently install a Natatec PVC lining system and ensure its integrity with field testing, sampling and certification. Our personnel assist in all aspects of PVC lining installation to ensure an efficient and economical solution to containment and waterproofing challenges.

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