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February 8, 2017 | Categories: Pool Equipment & Systems

NataDek flooring around pool

Ideal for renovation and new construction, NataDek™ easily installs over most pool surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, fiberglass and steel. 

Manufactured from a special PVC/polyester composite, NataDek is a resilient, dependable, low- maintenance surface. Compared to carpet, tile, and other materials used in wet environments, NataDek’s non-porous surface prevents the growth of algae, mold and mildew.

NataDek is exceptionally durable, resisting the negative effects of water, maintenance chemicals and sunlight.

The following questions are commonly asked about NataDek. Further information on each topic is available upon request.

Q. Is NataDek resistant to fading?

A. NataDek is formulated with UV inhibitors to increase resistance to fading and degradation from exposure to sunlight.

However, NataDek, like any material, will lose some of its color over time. Experience has proven NataDek to shift color uniformly without blotches or spotting.


Q. How is NataDek cleaned or maintained?

A. NataDek, being a non-porous PVC membrane, is very difficult to stain and highly resistant to the potentially damaging effects of many cleaning agents. While the non-porous surface of NataDek prevents absorption of most dirt and stains, the slip-resistant surface texture does have a tendency to trap dirt, if not cleaned regularly.

Recommended maintenance procedures suggest that NataDek be cleaned using a commercial grade, detergent-based cleaner.

Frequency of cleaning is dependent upon the level of traffic and dirt carried onto the surfacing. NataDek, like any surface, will require more significant effort to clean if a heavy dirt buildup is allowed to develop.

NataDek may be scrubbed using either manual or machine methods. The cleanser, brushes and/or cleaning method used will vary from facility to facility. Careful testing of various cleaning methods is suggested prior to proceeding with any wholesale cleaning of the surface.

Damage to the surfacing caused by mechanical abrasion or the application of inappropriate cleaners is not covered under warranty.

Solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner, MEK, etc, will damage or destroy NataDek. Never use the aforementioned or similar solvents on NataDek. Also, certain acids and other chemicals may cause damage or permanent discoloration of NataDek.

Should you have doubt as to the suitability of a cleaning product for use on NataDek, contact Natare Customer Service at 800-336-8828.


Q. How is the substrate leveled before installing NataDek?

A. Concrete and tiled floor surfaces can be leveled using any of a variety of commercially available floor leveling compounds.

Generally, epoxy fortified leveling compounds are suggested as these products allow edges to be “feathered” thinner than may be expected with standard grouts.

Wood decks and other extremely uneven interior and exterior surfaces may be leveled by installing a thin wood underlayment over the base surface.


Q. Will chlorinated rubber-base paint or other existing surface coatings affect the NataDek?

A. Chlorinated rubber based paints, tar and certain other petrochemical-based solvents and coatings will react with the NataDek material. Over time, such incompatible materials will cause discoloration of the surfacing.

In installations where there is concern with the bond of or the incompatibility of a previous coating, this coating must be completely removed before installing the NataDek or be totally isolated by installing a polyester fleece separator between the NataDek and the old coating.


Q. What type of adhesives are used with NataDek?

A. NataDek is installed using NataDek Adhesive One. This specially formulated adhesive is a single component, moisture cured, urethane adhesive designed to make the installation of NataDek as easy as possible.

Adhesive One is formulated to minimize the gas bubbles that are associated with solvent based adhesives and it is totally compatible with NataDek material. Additionally, Adhesive One is suitable for exterior use and application in “wet areas.”

Other adhesives may be used with NataDek. However, most readily available adhesives are not compatible with it.

All neoprene adhesives will cause discoloration and many solvent-based adhesives will cause significant installation difficulties through the off-gassing process required for the adhesive to cure.

Natare only recommends the use of NataDek Adhesive One with the NataDek system.


Q. How is NataDek installed around railings, drains and other penetrations?

A. Treatment of the penetrations depends upon the application and the “look” desired by the customer. Generally, penetrations are simply cut-out. The material is adhered in-place and a finish bead of clean silicone sealant is used to “trim out” the penetration.

In certain applications where a watertight or waterproof installation is required, penetrations may require the installation of custom fabricated compression flanges.


Q. If damaged, can NataDek be repaired?

A. Small damages and burns can be touched up by applying color-matched welding gel to the damaged surface. For larger areas, NataDek can be repaired by simply cutting out the damaged area and “cutting-in” a new piece of material.

Once the new material is in place and adhered, NataDek welding gel may be used to finish the seams where the new material meets the original.


Q. How long does a NataDek installation take?

A. A typical 5,000 square foot installation will normally require a three-man crew approximately five days to complete. This assumes a relatively simple installation, with few penetrations and no special edge treatments.

In regards to the cure time for a NataDek installation, generally, NataDek may be used 12 hours after the completion of an installation. This allows time for the adhesive system to cure.


Q. Does NataDek expand and contract?

A. Like any material, NataDek does expand and contract through temperature changes.

However, NataDek is formulated to be dimensionally stable, and we anticipate no installation or use difficulties associated with temperature related expansion and contraction.

NataDek is currently in use from Alaska to the tropics.


Q. Are there various colors and textures available?

A. NataDek is available in five attractive, solid colors, (Sand, Tan, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Brick Red) and one multi-tone pattern (Sandstone).

Custom blended colors are available for large quantity orders (over 9,000 square foot).

NataDek is available in one proven performance surface texture. The embossed pattern meets the ASTM C1028 requirements for slip-resistant surfaces.


Q. How is NataDek different from SoftDek®?

A. SoftDek incorporates a closed cell foam underlayment beneath the NataDek surface. This type of application is designed for use in playground areas and other areas where shock-attenuating surface is required.

Generally, SoftDek is used in commercial recreation settings only.

Standard NataDek does not incorporate a shock absorbing underlayment and is directly applied over the substrate.


Q. What is the warranty?

A. NataDek is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years.


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