Natare Stainless Steel Pools

Natare pools are complete pre-engineered solutions for the construction of virtually any swimming pool, water feature or aquatic environment. A proven system, Natare pools incorporate stainless steel construction in combination with a wide choice of options.

Our modular systems accommodate fully engineered fast, all-welded or bolted pool construction for a pool that is on time, on budget and built right the first time.

Natare pools eliminate typical pool construction problems such as settling, deterioration, leaking pipes, cracking, joint failure, spalling or peeling. Supported by a corrosion-resistant structural buttress system, Natare stainless steel pools are suitable for virtually any environment.

Natare pools quickly and easily construct to the most popular sizes of rectangular and rectilinear pool shapes. Typical lap or competition pools include the standard 25-yard, 25-meter and 50-meter pools in configurations suitable for all levels of competition or training; they are also available in radius sections or shapes. Natare pools are certified to be structurally sound and self-supporting, whether empty or filled.

stainless steel infinity pool - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Features & Benefits of a Natare Pool System

two lane stainless steel lap pool in New Zealand

  • Ideal for recreational swimming, hydrotherapy and water aerobics
  • Perfectly tailored for competition, training or lap swimming. Certified to all current USA Swimming, FINA, NCAA, YMCA and NFSHSA standards
  • Suitable for in-ground, on-ground or elevated construction
  • No buried perimeter supply piping
  • Available with stainless steel stair and bench sections
  • Green — 100% recycled stainless steel
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, pre-engineered to eliminate site-construction variations or design changes
  • Compliant with state, municipal and local construction codes
  • Furnished with optional filtration and treatment systems
  • Available with integral spa or hydrotherapy areas
  • Wide range of interior finish options
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • All-welded, permanently watertight construction

Natare Project Spotlight:

QEII Recreation and Sport Centre, Christchurch NZ

The 59,201 sqft (5500-square metre) facility features a 426ft (130-metre) long hydroslide, 82ft (25-metre) lap pool, leisure pool with lazy river, an adventure playground, learn-to-swim pool, hydrotherapy pool, spa, steam room and a sauna. It also includes a fitness center with cafe. The 82ft (25-metre) pool has a movable floor, which can be raised and lowered.


Excellent water distribution in Natare competition pool:

In the videos below you can see a Natare competition pool easily passed the UK PWTAG Water Circulation Dye Test by demonstrating fast, uniform distribution of returning pool water through the pool. For further information on our integral pipeless circulating pool gutter systems, see Natare Pool Gutters.

We give you options…

A Natare pool gives you something you won’t find anywhere else — options.

Whether you’re renovating an aging concrete pool and simply need a colorful lining system to make it watertight, or you need a brand new aquatic facility built from scratch, we will tailor a pool for you. The interior of a Natare pool can be polished stainless steel, field-applied PVC or have the exclusive look of ceramic tile or natural stone.

A full range of interior finish options are available regardless of your Natare pool style — and the bottom can be stainless steel, traditional concrete, tile or plaster. We offer many styles to fit your project requirements and budget. We provide fast, efficient construction suitable for all climates and weather extremes and ideal for swimming pool renovation or new construction.

What will your Natare pool look like?

Marriott Marquis Houston lazy river

stainless steel rooftop pool
specialty pool
community swimming pool

stainless steel pool being lifted onto rooftop

Every Natare Pool Begins with Stainless Steel

Over the years, we have seen pool construction systems come and go and we have learned, from experience, that nothing matches the durability, strength and versatility of stainless steel.

Each of our stainless steel pools are individually engineered and structurally designed using the most comprehensive computer design and modeling tools. This technology provides a complete three dimensional model long before manufacturing or construction begins.

To reduce on-site construction costs, Natare builds many of a pool’s larger components in advance at our Indianapolis manufacturing facility. The pool is then shipped in large pieces, ready for a quick and easy installation.

What We Can Do For You

Natare offers a wide range of consulting services with comprehensive assistance for construction, renovation and facility operation. Our years of involvement allow us to offer a unique perspective on equipment design, installation and performance.

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