Natare’s ‘Fallsview’ Named Top Waterpark Resort

August 19, 2011 | Categories: Natare Corporation News, Natare Projects

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark - Aquatic Recreation Pool

Fallsview Waterpark named top resort

A Natare pool facility was recently named a top water park resort by Waterparks + Resorts Today (as chosen by hospitality consultant Jeff Coy).

Natare supplied a variety of equipment and systems, as well as extensive engineering expertise for the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark in Niagara Falls, Ontario, which opened in June 2006.

When a famed North American pool contractor was hired to construct a water park and wave pool on the fifth floor of this Canadian resort, they understood the magnitude of such an undertaking, and partnered with Natare to provide the safest and most durable pool system available – one that has stood up to rigorous use and heavy loads since its opening.

One of the initial challenges the resort faced was the location: builders drilled down through the existing four-level parking garage to install the support structures that would hold the mechanical equipment, pools and water features above it.

One of the greatest challenges Natare faced was in manufacturing the enormous custom surge tanks housed beneath the water park’s floor. In designing these systems, engineers had to take into account the tremendous stress these pressurized tanks would impose on the elevated structure.

For the water park’s wave pool, Natare manufactured and installed a custom NataClad pool shell—which combines the strength of a stainless steel Natare pool system with the colorful and durable Natatec® PVC membrane pool lining to provide an incredibly long-lasting, efficient and cost-effective pool.

The NataClad system uses stainless steel panels, precisely fabricated from special grades of low-carbon 316L stainless steel. The soft, durable PVC floor system is hard bonded directly to the stainless steel frame, providing a colorful, and 100% water-tight finish.

Natare’s structural anchoring systems and fully adjustable buttresses provide fast, level installation, ideal for elevated pools, and built to withstand the load imposed by the unique wave pool environment.

Natare also manufactured a NataClad shell for the resort’s outdoor pool—a project completed in the dead of the Canadian winter!

Additionally, Natare supplied trenches and area drains for all of the park’s water features, custom-designed to meet the unique needs of this facility. Using Natare’s exclusive GPM grating ensured a safe, slip-resistant and low-maintenance surface, ideal for a high-traffic water park environment.

Last, Natare installed sand-colored NataDek™ flooring, creating the appearance of the “shoreline” to the park’s wave pool. NataDek flooring offers an attractive, durable and water-tight surface for wet environments that is low-maintenance and resistant to harsh pool chemicals.

The complete list of top water park resorts can be found in the Waterparks + Resorts Today 2011-2012 It Book, published by Hanley Wood in August 2011.


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