New Product: AlkorPlan Lining

February 24, 2011 | Categories: New Products, Pool Equipment & Systems

pool lining system

Natare now supplies AlkorPlan, widely recognized as a world leader in swimming pool linings for renovation and new construction.

AlkorPlan is durable, 100% watertight, and easy to install on any type of surface. Its ability to adapt to all shapes and pool configurations makes it the best possible system for renovating older pools or building new ones.

AlkorPlan eliminates the problems associated with other pool restoration systems and finishes – it does not crack, peel, delaminate or chip. AlkorPlan also simplifies pool maintenance – annual cleaning is an easy task rather than a dreaded and expensive chore.

AlkorPlan is ideal for the construction or renovation of all types of pools, whether public or private, in any type of climate. It comes with a 10-year guarantee, and with reasonable care and maintenance, AlkorPlan linings can easily last the life of the pool.

AlkorPlan is the only pool renovation or construction material that guarantees a waterproof, leakproof finish, provided it has been correctly installed by a trained and authorized pool professional.

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