New Records Set at IUPUI Natatorium After Replacing Fiberglass Bulkheads with Natare Bulkheads

March 23, 2017 | Categories: Natare Projects, Pool Equipment & Systems, Press Releases

katie ledecky

At NCAAs, Ledecky won the 200-yard free (in a tie with Louisville’s Mallory Comerford), 500-yard free (breaking her American record) and the 1650-yard free. Ledecky’s career consists of five Olympic gold medals, 13 World Records and 30 American Records. (Source: NBCsports)

While swimming for the USA Cardinal Swim Club this last season, Ledecky broke nine American Records and 12 NCAA records across four different events, three of which came at the 2017 NCAA Championships at the IUPUI Natatorium.

Any seasoned swimmer will tell you that some pools are simply “faster” than others. They may not understand the reasoning behind their logic, but as highly experienced pool manufacturers, we can tell you that meticulous engineering and design play a critical role.

The IUPUI Natatorium (or what locals call the “The Nat”) has been a fixture in the Indianapolis community since 1982 and has hosted hundreds of state, regional, national, and international events. The Nat is internationally recognized as a world-class aquatics destination for competitive athletes of all ages and abilities.

In order to maintain the facility’s esteemed world-class reputation, the Natatorium underwent critical renovations in 2015. Renovations included replacing the fiberglass bulkheads with new Natare stainless steel movable bulkheads.

Here is why world-class facilities choose Natare: 

  • Natare bulkheads feature flow-through “wave absorption” technology – preventing waves from rebounding and interfering with competition swimming
  • Stainless steel is more rigid when compared to fiberglass – reducing rebound during kick turns
  • One piece self-supporting stainless steel construction minimizes horizontal and vertical deflection without added bracing
  • Easily moved to new positions to transition pools from yards to meters or to divide pools into different activity areas
  • ASTM certified slip-resistant grating is used on the bulkhead’s top and side surfaces to provide a safe and secure walking and turning surface
  • Natare bulkheads undergo X-Ray structural certification to guarantee strength and quality of welds
  • Will not wear, yellow or delaminate – no re-coating or painting is necessary
  • Recessed hand holds, rope-hooks, and anchors reduce the danger of injury to swimmers
  • The carriage assembly provides support and allows access to the locking mechanisms, movement controls, and buoyancy flotation system
  • Stainless steel truss sections and stainless steel profiles cover all bulkhead edges


To learn more about Natare bulkheads, click here. 

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