New “Surface-Mounted” Diving Sparger

December 19, 2012 | Categories: New Products, Pool Equipment & Systems

Natare Corporation has engineered a new diving sparger to be mounted on the surface of swimming pool floors. This new model is ideal for retrofitting older pools.

Often found in high-end aquatic facilities, Natare sparger systems are “air cushions” for springboard and platform diving, which provide instant mounds of highly aerated water in the diver’s entry area. This aeration prevents injuries, and the bubbles of air provide a clear visual reference during complex or difficult dives, which aids the divers during training.

The ability for this new sparger system to be mounted on the surface of the pool bottom, as opposed to being embedded into the diving pool’s substrate (such as concrete), allows for a quick and easy installation on any dive pool. With minimal impact on the pool floor, Natare spargers can now be made to retrofit older, existing diving pools and are not consigned to new construction.

With the proper tools and equipment, this new sparger can even be installed with water in the pool. This greatly reduces the amount of time an aquatic facility would need to be out of commission, from many weeks to a matter of days.

Pressurized air is released on demand by the coach or trainer using a hand held remote control that starts and stops the release of air. The bubbling action normally lasts between five to ten seconds, providing adequate time to coordinate the air release with the diver’s entry into the water.

Each sparger system is engineered for the specific layout and needs of the diving pool. The sparger nozzles on the pool floor are supplied by a high-capacity compressor and storage tank, which are located in a remote mechanical room or service area. Other recent upgrades include a modern touchscreen display control panel which monitors the air supply, selects which sparger heads to activate, and controls the duration of air release.

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