Portrait of a Bulkhead

June 7, 2011 | Categories: Natare Projects, New Products, Pool Equipment & Systems

moving pool bulkhead

We’re currently building a moving bulkhead system for California State University in Fresno, and it is one of the most advanced units we have ever built.

The bulkhead is constructed with low-carbon stainless steel (as is typical with Natare bulkheads) with a polished stainless steel trim and a flow-through, wave-quelling frame.

The bulkhead is 25 yards (74 feet, 5 inches) long.

Within the stainless steel bulkhead frame are fixed-buoyancy and variable-buoyancy chambers, allowing the units to be light, and easily moved through the water. At the bottom, there is a 12-gauge stainless steel toe ledge, finished with a black, textured grip material.

On top is the starting platform anchors, deck plates for the timing system and backstroke stanchions.

On the front of the bulkhead, there are water polo anchors, and the white GPM grating along with the permanent black lane targets.

Natare grating is a virtually indestructible, high-density polymer, designed to quell waves, allowing water to easily flow through. It is slip resistant, according to ASTM standard C1028 and meets all FINA requirements for international competition.

At the top is a flow-through gutter panel that extends all the across the bulkhead and recessed hand-holds for swimmers.

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