Project Spotlight: the 16th Pan American Games

March 3, 2011 | Categories: Natare Corporation News, Natare Projects

We recently designed and built a set of four 25-meter bulkheads to be installed at the Scotiabank Aquatics Center in Guadalajara, Mexico for the 16th Pan American Games taking place in October. Two bulkheads will be installed in each of the facility’s 50-meter competition pools; allowing 50-meter competition in three different course arrangements, or simultaneous 25-meter competition from either end of the pool. Additionally, the two bulkheads can be combined for a presentation stage in the center of the facility’s main pool, with the awards stand on a platform spanning the two bulkheads.

The Pan American Games will be the largest multi-sport event held in Mexico outside the capital. The water sports that will take place at Scotiabank Aquatics Center include swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo. The open water events will take place at the Triathlon Circuit in Puerto Vallarta.

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