Project Spotlight: Shanghai Oriental Sports Complex

March 3, 2011 | Categories: Natare Corporation News, Natare Projects

Natare is supplying the moving bulkhead for one of the pools at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Complex, site of the July 2011 14th FINA World Championships. The bulkhead system will divide the facility’s 50-meter pool in order to allow two activities to take place simultaneously.

The top and sides of the bulkhead are covered with an ASTM-certified slip-resistant GPM grating that dissipates waves in order to provide a neutral swimming environment. The bulkhead also helps maintains proper water circulation and provides a safe and secure walking and turning surface for swimmers. Following the championships, the natatorium will continue to serve as a training, competition and leisure facility for the region. Natare manufactures the largest and most technologically advanced bulkheads in the world and has installed hundreds of moving bulkhead systems in international competition, as well as college, high school and recreational facilities. More details coming soon!


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