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Natare can provide recirculation, disinfection, filtration and heating systems that are fully automatic, or have simple manual controls.

We understand your state and local health codes dictate many factors in the design of a swimming pool in a clinical or therapeutic environment.

Natare can help you interpret these codes when considering your design and ensure compliance with relevant codes and regulations.

Tailor-made Fitness and Therapy Pools

Constructed from a tough, durable stainless steel, Natare pools are aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, low-maintenance and durable. Our unique construction system makes Natare fitness and therapy pools ideal for a variety of facilities that require extra creativity and flexibility.

Stainless Steel Whirlpools and Spas

Natare stainless steel whirlpools and spas supply the soothing effects of water in motion for any fitness or therapy pool facility. A wide range of sizes, depths and shapes are available in custom and standard configurations. Natare stainless steel whirlpools and spas include complete mechanical and filtration systems, access equipment and can be used for rehabilitation, counter-swim and hydrotherapy purposes.

stainless steel whirlpool spa with tile

For more information, see Whirlpools & Spas.

therapy pool with safety ramp


Resistance swimming is a form of swimming exercise used primarily for athletic or therapeutic purposes. Natare offers counter-swim pools that are built with a self-contained resistance apparatus, enabling the swimmer to swim in place.

Accessory and Safety Equipment

Parallel bars, access ramps, padded floor surfaces, resistance jet units and even underwater treadmills can be incorporated into your fitness pool or hydrotherapy pool. Other available options include terraced depths, temperature modulation, submerged walking tracks and underwater windows. For more information, read about our accessibility and safety accessories.

Fitness & Therapy Pools

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Fitness & Therapy Pools

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