Revamped Rotary Pool Reopens

August 1, 2011 | Categories: Natare Corporation News, Natare Projects

We recently completed renovations to the Rotary municipal pool in Nashua, NH.

The pool was in desperate need of resurfacing due to cracks and other structural problems with the foundation, but many other pool companies refused to do the work, according to parks and recreation superintendent Nick Caggiano, in an article published by the Nashua Telegraph. (Read it here.)

Natare’s exclusive Natatec® PVC membrane pool lining system is perfect for just this sort of project – it is designed specifically for commercial pools and provides an attractive, 100% water-tight, virtually indestructible pool surface.

Because the pool walls are used only for support, Natatec provides the best means to renovate pools in the worst condition. The pool lining membrane spans cracks, joints and other defects with its tough, flexible blanket, making it easy to renovate and restore old or out-of-commission pools.

“It looks beautiful,” Caggiano told the Telegraph. “It looks like a brand-new pool. If you saw the befores and afters, you would say ‘holy cow.’ ”

The project cost about $47,000 and took about a month. The other options were closing the pool or spending as much as $500,000 to replace it, Caggiano said.

The team at Rotary will also find their ‘new’ pool will be easier to clean and maintain: the smooth, non-porous surface prevents the growth of bacteria and algae, and does not require acid-washing or other harsh chemicals for cleaning. Natatec also completely eliminates the need for periodic painting or patching.

The result is a clean, low-maintenance pool that will last for decades.

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