Top 10 Benefits of GPM Grating

June 6, 2017 | Categories: Blog

pool grating close up

GPM grating is custom fabricated from a marine-grade polymer and is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest aquatic conditions.

It will not rot, discolor or delaminate and does not react with pool chemicals. Even repeated blows from a heavy hammer will not break GPM grating.

10-year full replacement warranty is included with every GPM grating purchase.

Top 10 Benefits of GPM Grating:

  • Environmentally stabilized for harsh sun and tough aquatic environments.
  • Totally safe and non-toxic. Natare GPM grating is made entirely from FDA and USDA-approved materials and does not react with pool chemicals.
  • Will not crack, flake, separate, rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to aggressive water conditions
  • Precise tolerances ensure consistent color, thickness and density (available in 1” (25-mm) and 3/4” (19-mm)
  • Available in two standard colors. Custom colors also available for large quantity orders.
  • Low maintenance – Never needs refinishing
  • Permanently machined flow control slots that allow for a fast flow of water through the grating.
  • Permanent slip-resistant surface
  • Eliminate the need for bracing brackets or other thin attaching pieces that become weak after time
  • GPM grating is the only solid one piece grating system available on a radius

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