Say No to Concrete: Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Stainless Steel Pool

October 11, 2016 | Categories: Blog

“Why should I choose a stainless steel pool instead of concrete?” is a common question we get in our industry. Stainless steel pools offer a wide array of advantages in the building and maintenance process.

Below, you will find the top five reasons why stainless steel pools are the preferred material when planning new pool construction.

1.) Low Weight:

The weight of a stainless steel pool and its supporting structure are more than 10x lighter than a concrete pool and its supporting structure. Stainless steel, because of its low weight, is the preferred material when building pools on upper floors of buildings and raised decks. This also means that less structural support is needed, which can save in the cost of reinforcing your primary structure when doing elevated installations.

2.) Design Flexibility:

While stainless steel is a durable and sturdy surface, it is also flexible and soft enough that it can be easily bent. Stainless steel allows for extra formability, which gives you the ability to design a pool with curves and other unique features that you may not be able to accomplish with other materials. This also means that a stainless steel pool can be shaped to meet the needs of almost any environment or facility specifications.

3.) Hygienic Properties:

Stainless steel is ideal in terms of hygiene and requires very little cleaning due to its smooth nonporous surface. The material’s resistance to corrosion not only gives it a long lifespan, but it also inhibits bacteria from growing and is much easier to clean and maintain. This is the main reason why you will find that commercial kitchens are made from stainless steel. When cleanliness is crucial, stainless steel can be found.

4.) Lifespan & Strength:

Stainless steel pools are well-suited for almost any environment due to the material’s natural malleability and strength. Concrete is heavy and tends to settle, shift and crack over time. Stainless steel’s forgiving properties allow for more flexibility when surrounding conditions fluctuate and change. When properly maintained, the material will not crack, peel, rust, leak or require repainting or refinishing even after years of use. When you choose stainless steel, you are choosing the material with the longest lifespan and the lowest maintenance. Why else do you think we construct our bridges and buildings from steel?

5.) Green Machine:

Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in manufacturing and is known for being 100% recyclable. The material has a low maintenance cost and a long life, which are both key indicators that it has the lowest impact on the planet.

Other Features of Stainless Steel:

  • Leakproof
  • Faster installation time due to prefabrication
  • Precision engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Low maintenance
  • Less mess


Now that you know the benefits of choosing stainless steel as your pool material, make sure you don’t forget the most important factor when planning your pool; choosing a reputable pool manufacturer! No matter what material you decide to use, hiring a trusted manufacturer makes all the difference in the success of your project and the longevity of your pool.

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