Top Pool Design Trends of 2016

June 30, 2016 | Categories: Blog

Are you planning a new pool installation and need some fresh ideas? To all my trendsetters out there, here are some pool designs you will be seeing a lot of in 2016.

Fire & Water

What can we say… opposites attract. Today’s most-talented designers are integrating fire and water bowls, tiki torches, fire troughs, and a variety of other features into their pool designs this year. The marriage of fire and water playing off each other creates a dramatic effect in pool design and the overall feel of your space.

water and fire

fire water

Vanishing Edges

Luxury features such as these aren’t just for vacation resorts anymore. Vanishing edges, or as most like to call them, infinity edges, are making their way towards residential style pools. I wouldn’t suggest this set-up for non-scenic environments, but if you’re living large by the beach, high up in the city, or on a mountain-top somewhere, this pool design can be a real eye-catcher. 

infinity edge pool

vanishing edge pool

Natural Pools

We’re not talking about buying some salt and creating your own “natural” mini-ocean. We’re talking an eco-friendly, chemical-free, self-sustaining, and froggy approved pool. Natural pools employ an eco-system of aquatic plants that keep you’re pool clean, which means they require much less maintenance (if you can get past the green color and abundant algae life). 

natural pool

natural swimming pool

Beach Entries and Tanning Ledges

  • A beach entry or “zero depth entry” is a gradually descending sloped pool floor, which is great if you like to walk right in or have little kids!
  • A tanning ledge is an broad shallow area containing 2-4 inches of water, allowing you to stay cool on a hot day without having to be fully submerged.

beach entry pool

tanning ledge

LED Lighting

Nearly any effect you desire can be created with the right lighting system. Colored LED lighting is a perfect backdrop for any party! It’s also great if you want your landscape to have a certain “mood”.

pink led lighting pool

pool lighting
Plunge Pool

Do you hate the thought of giving up the majority of your backyard space for a pool? If you don’t plan on swimming laps, this miniature pool design may be your perfect solution. Plunge pools are for relaxing and cooling off, while also giving your backyard a little extra personality. 

plunge pool

round plunge pool


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