World-class Pool Complex in the Works for Russia

September 2, 2011 | Categories: Natare Corporation News, Natare Projects, Pool Equipment & Systems

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Natare to Build Ultra-modern Pool Complex in Russia

We’re excited to announce we’ll be designing, manufacturing and installing two swimming pools, as well as a variety of equipment and systems for the Universal Sport Complex, currently under construction in Obninsk, Russia.

The first aquatic facility of its kind in Russia, the Universal Sport Complex will include a training pool and a competition pool, complete with Natare’s exclusive perimeter recirculation system and MicroFlo® vacuum sand filtration system. The competition pool will have two 25-meter movable bulkheads, which will allow multiple activities to take place at once, and will also allow a variety of course configurations in swimming competitions.

A complete Natare pool system customized to meet the needs of this facility means the fastest pools, with the most advanced filtration and mechanical systems available.

The complex’ perimeter recirculation system combines gutter and plumbing functions, with a built-in trough, and pressurized, filtered water return and inlets, resulting in fast, efficient water circulation.

Natare movable bulkheads are safe and slip-resistant, and certified to all levels of competition, making them the preferred system for international competition venues. The bulkhead allows for complete water flow-through to prevent waves and rebound — which can make that crucial difference of a fraction of a second in serious competition.

Additionally, Natare’s vacuum sand filtration systems can reduce water consumption by up to 80%. Through carefully designed hydraulics and “air boost” backwash, thousands of cubic meters of water are no longer lost during each backwash cycle.

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