Why We Use Perimeter Gutter Systems

December 16, 2016 | Categories: Pool Equipment & Systems

stainless steel pool gutter and railing

The absence of pool gutters on the end of a course is typically related to the difficulty in designing, forming and casting typical concrete gutters.  The requirement for a flat vertical “parapet” means that including a continuous perimeter gutter using concrete can be costly and time-consuming.

However, the use of a stainless steel perimeter system allows an end gutter to be provided without the cost or design issues typically encountered with concrete gutters.

Below you will find the top 5 reasons why a continuous perimeter gutter system should be included in a competition pool or recreational pool. 

1.) Complying with code and regulation:

Many local and national codes or statutory regulations require the use of a continuous perimeter gutter system for pools over a certain surface area, due to water quality and hygienic reasons. Typically, this requirement is applicable for pools in the range of 100-m² and larger. While smaller, semi-public pools such as facilities for hotels have been allowed to use skimmers or partial gutters.

2.) Sanitation and hygienic aspects:

The top of the water surface is the dirtiest part of a pool and a significant percentage of contaminates enter the pool through the water surface. Bacteria, body wastes, organic discharges and other undesirable materials are trapped on the surface of the water by surface tension, which makes having proper water circulation and filtration critical.

3.) Water distribution:

Water distribution is a direct function of the gutter. A continuous perimeter gutter provides uniform and balanced water distribution, particularly in a pool configured with the length/width ration that is closer to a square than a rectangle. Reducing the water distribution impacts the uniformity of clean, chemically treated water entering the pool.

4.) Surge containment:

The value of a continuous gutter becomes more important during recreational swimming or other training activities where numerous persons are using the pool. If a continuous perimeter gutter is not provided, the surge waves are simply rebounding back into the pool with the resulting lack of skimming.

5.) Safety:

When the pool is used for physical education, recreation or other general use, the competency level and aquatic skills are not anywhere as high, and the presence of a gutter edge handhold at water level becomes a critical aspect of pool safety. Should an accident occur involving a younger, smaller or less skilled swimmer or one that is tired, the handhold could literally mean the difference in life or death.


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